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FIZ Configuration

Setting up the FIZ adapter box For Tilta Nucleus-M

This guide goes over wiring and setting up the FIZ Adapter Box for the Tilta Nucleus-M.

In the box

— FIZ Adapter Box for Tilta Nucleus-M

— 5 meter USB MiniB cable

— Instructions QR code leaflet

Wiring the FIZ Adapter

1. Run a USB cable from the FIZ box out to the PC running Lensmater.

2. Connect a 12 V 2A power supply to the barrel plug power input on the FIZ box.

3. Connect the Tilta Nucleus-M motor to the 7-Pin Lemo Socket on the FIZ adapter box.

Up to 3 Tilta Nucleus-M Motors can be daisy chained together to simultanously control the Focus, Iris and Zoom axes. This is done by connecting the motors to each-other using the 7-pin LEMO cables supplied with the motors.
Instead of using the 12V 2A port on the FIZ adapter box, the Tilta Nucleus-M can alternativly be powered using the regular 7-pin to P-tap cable supplied with the Nucleus-M. Just make sure to never connect both the 12V supply and 7-pin to P-tap power sources at the same time as that might damage your Nucleus-M as well as your FIZ adapter box.

Configuring the Tilta Motors

On Each Tilta Nucleus-M Motor

1. Natigate to the settings menu.

2. Under wireless, set the wireless mode to OFF as we will be controlling the motor through Lensmaster and not using the wireless hand unit.

3. Under motor number select the motor number according to the below. The motor number determines what FIZ axis is controlled by this motor.

  • N1: Focus Channel
  • N2: Iris Channel
  • N3: Zoom Channel

4. Under Auto Calibration Mode, set the motor to auto calibrate after 3 seconds. This will save you having to manually trigger calibration on the motors every time they are powered on.

During auto-calibration the Tilta Nucleus-M motors will keep rotatating until they detect the stops of the Lens wheels. If you want to test the motors without a Lens attatched you can manually fake the Lens stops by forcefully stopping the motor with your fingers during it’s calibration process.

Selecting the Tilta Nucleus-M in Lensmaster

1. In Lensmaster navigate to preference and then FIZ

2. Under Lens Motor Configuration select “Tilta Nucleus (Serial)” from the supported FIZ system list.

3. Select the COM port used by your FIZ box. This can be found by looking for a device called “USB Serial Port (COM#)” under “Ports (COM & LPT)” in Windows Device Manager.

4. Hit apply to save your settings.

5. Go to the Connection Manager in Lensmaster.

6. Right Click on “Tilta Nucleus (Serial)” and hit connect to establish a conection to the FIZ motors.

7. You should now be able to control your Tilta Nucleus-M motors from Lensmaster.

As the communication with the Tilta Nucleus-M is only one-way, the “Connected” status in Lensmaster indicates that Lensmaster is transimitting data to the Nucleus-M Motors but cannot confirm whether this data is being received. As such, to make sure you your motors are properly connected simply try to move them from the FIZ control widget in Lensmaster.