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Experience an All-New Approach to Motion Control

Fast & Precise

Real-Time When It Matters

Whether jogging or playing a high-speed move, experience unmatched responsiveness in controls.

Lensmaster ensures perfect synchronization across all your subsystems down to 12ms for you to nail the perfect shot every time, anytime.

Do More With Less

Intelligent Timeline Interface

The heart of Lensmaster is a powerful Timeline Editor that lets you intuitively design your camera movements, set focus, iris or zoom, initiate triggers and much more.

  • Draw highly precise axis curves
  • Edit, re-order, and fine-tune your keyframes
  • Adjust ease-in and ease-out on any axis
  • Dynamically validate robot kinematics
  • Initiate triggers right from the timeline
Unprecedented Accuracy

Pinpoint Target Tracking

Keep your subject in-frame at all times using our highly accurate targeting system.

  • Instantly create targets seamlessly through focus
  • Name and customize your targets for easy referencing
  • Load in custom target models to pre-visualize your move
  • Fully animate dynamic targets with ease
Always In Focus

Dynamic FIZ Control

Maintain crisp focus of your subject no matter how crazy your move is. Whether your target is still or moving, Lensmaster’s dynamic FIZ system automatically computes the best focus setting in real-time.

Lensmaster seamlessly interfaces with the most popular brands of lens motors including the Tilta Nucleus, Teradek RT Motion MK3.1 and Redrock Micro Eclipse for Robots.

Unlimited Workspace

Seamless Singularities

Gain full control over your workspace and let Lensmaster handle all robot wrist singularities internally to let you focus more on design and creativity.

Our dynamic move validation system instantly notifies you of any discrepancies in your animation and safely prevents you from pushing the robot outside its operating range.

Perfect Orbits

Camera Arc Movements

Confidently create pure circular movements with natural transitions in very few keyframes. Lensmaster’s advanced motion planner removes all the guesswork from setting up target orbits.

  • Easily control the number and axis of rotation
  • Seamlessly transition in and out of circular motion
  • Generate perfect helical movements


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