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The complete software solution for turning industrial arms into Cinema Robots.


Motion control made intelligentintuitivefor you

Lensmaster is an advanced motion control software for Camera and Cinema Robotics.

With a Powerful and Intuitive real-time interface, Lensmaster offers unmatched flexibility with tons of features that let you focus on design and creativity.

A Familiar & Intuitive Interface

Our software package was carefully designed by expert roboticists and leading cinematographers to include key Cinema Robot functionalities. Take your production to new heights and amaze your clients with unparalleled speed and flexibility.

Real-Time Interface

Focus on design and creativity and let Lensmaster remove the guesswork from your robot.

Timeline Editor

Design complex moves with few keyframes using Lensmaster’s advanced motion planner.

Many Robots

Lensmaster integrates with all KRC4/5 Kuka robots seamlessly over Ethernet.

Dynamic FIZ Control

Perfectly sync up your Focus, Iris, and Zoom to nail the perfect shot.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Easily keep your subject centered in frame at all times regardless of how crazy your move is.

Joystick Jogging

Jog your robot in realtime using any joystick controller via Lensmaster.

Synced Triggers

Control up to 160 digital outputs via Lensmaster Action servers; all in sync with your robot.

No Proprietary Hardware

Lensmaster runs directly on your Windows laptop or desktop without the need for any proprietary hardware.


Virtually visualize your shot whilst designing it before connecting to a robot.

Benefit from exclusive early adopter perks. Forever.

You’re in control!

Camerabotics’s fast-to-program interface allows you to take full advantage of your industrial robot. And with our intelligent timeline, you can design complex camera movements, track targets, set focus, iris or zoom, initiate triggers and so much more.

“Our clients come to us because they know we can get ANY shot done with our robot”

Kartik ReddyCo-Founder of Mocobot Studio


Looking for a turnkey cinema robot?

We’ve partnered up with system integrators to offer Lensmaster as part of their packages.

Setting up your own robot?

Download our guide on getting started with cinema robots to help you through the process.

Why Camerabotics

We are a team of expert roboticists and visual artists aiming to empower filmmakers with state-of-the-art robotic motion control capabilities. Uplift your production with our complete solution that turns any industrial robot into a cinematography powerhouse.

Improve On-Set Experience

Effortlessly respond to your client's feedback during shoots. Our software allows you to save time, personnel and trouble on set.

Boost Production Value

Lensmaster gives you the power to film incredible and gorgeous content that is not possible with traditional techniques.

Easy Installation

Get your robot up and running in a matter of minutes with Lensmaster. We also provide step-by-step guides in our help center.

One-on-One Support

Our team of application engineers is always ready to assist you and quickly address any custom requirement that you may have.

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